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Basic Computer Classes
C10020.2 Buying a Computer
C10120.2 Upgrading Your Computer
C10220.2 Maintaining Your Computer
C10320.2 Dealing with Computer Viruses
C10420.2 Dealing with Spam
C10520.2 Dealing with Repetitive Tasks
C10620.2 Intro To Text Editing
C10720.2 Intro To Instant Messaging
C10830.3 Networking Your Office
C10920.2 Searching the Internet with Google
C11120.2 Using Email
C11220.2 Using a Web Browser
C11320.2 Using Open Office
C11420.2 Security Awareness
Power User Classes
P10220.2 Disk Recovery
Management Classes
M10220.2 Comparing Windows and Linux Security
M10320.2 Cost Benefits of Sealed Systems
Networking Classes
N101161.6 TCP/IP & Internet Protocols
N10230.3 IP, Subnetting & CIDR
N10330.3 The New Linux Networking
N11030.3 Managing DHCP
N12030.3 Using a LAN Analyzer
N13080.8 DNS Boot Camp
N13130.3 Configuring DNS for E-mail & Web
Linux Classes
L101161.6 Linux Boot Camp
L102162.4 Linux Advanced
L11030.3 Linux Disk Partitioning & File Systems
L11130.3 Linux RAID
L10780.8 Linux Firewalls
L10820.2 Linux/Unix Logging
L10430.3 User Mode Linux (UML)
L12030.3 X - The Linux GUI
Unix & Open Source/Free Software Classes
U102242.4 AMP - Apache, MySQL, & PHP
U103161.6 Running Apache on Linux
U103161.6 Hardening Web Sites
U10430.3 Running Apache on Windows
U10430.3 Apache Advanced Topics
U10420.2 Intro To Awk
U10420.2 Intro To Boot Loaders
U17020.2 Linux/Unix Text Processing
U27420.2 Intro To Emacs
U21020.2 Intro To Exim
U21120.2 Intro To Postfix
U22020.2 Intro To MySQL
U22120.2 Intro To PostgreSQL
U15020.2 Intro To Regular Expressions
U20420.2 Intro To Samba
U12020.2 Intro To SQL
U10420.2 Intro To Web Applications
Security Classes
S10420.2 Intro To SSH
S104161.6 Mastering Firewalls
Programming & Development Classes
D10180.8 Intro To HTML
D10280.8 Cascading Style Sheets
D12080.8 Shell Scripting & Cron
D13080.2 Programming In PHP
D14080.8 Programming In Perl
D15080.8 Programming In Python
D16080.8 Programming In Ruby
D250242.4 Designing Sealed Systems