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ALC is the Accelerated Learning Center - a training company and publisher of educational materials located near Portland, Oregon in the United States. We've been conducting training classes since 1978 in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. We've trained over 65,000 people from over 23,000 companies.


ALC is always at the cutting-edge:

  • In 1979, we started teaching companies about Ethernet and Local Area Networks, which didn't become popular until about 1984.
  • In 1982, we started teaching classes focused on the IBM Personal Computer - before most companies purchased them.
  • In late 1983, we started teaching regularly-scheduled classes on Novell's NetWare - about 3 years before Novell began offering their own courses.
  • In 1985, we started offering classes on dealing with computer viruses, well before most people knew what they were.
  • In 1998, we started offering regularly-scheduled Linux courses.

Our Crystal Ball

We don't just decide to offer training classes on any product or technology. We only train on those that have long-term value to our students. Plus, we actually deploy these products and technologies ourselves so we can teach from experience and advise students about the long-term prospects.

In 1984, 3COM dominated the Local Area Network market. We acquired a 3COM network and developed a training course. Shortly afterwards, Novell started selling their NetWare product. We acquired one. It became clear to us that Novell's product had significant benefits. We developed a NetWare class and no longer offered our 3COM class. The industry moved to Novell's product and 3COM eventually dropped their LAN product.

In 1985, many people were predicting that IBM's Token-Ring technology would dominate the industry and put an end to Ethernet. We deployed both in our offices. It was clear to us that this would not happen given the cost and patent issues. We covered these issues in our training classes and predicted that Ethernet would survive and even prevail in spite of Token-Ring's technical excellence. It did.

We called the winner again during the battle between Fast Ethernet and 100VG AnyLAN. We told our students that 100VG was technically superior in every way but the realities of the marketplace needed to be considered. In spite of it's extreme technical excellence, 100VG couldn't stand up to the Fast Ethernet juggernaut backed by powerful vendors.

In 1998, we began offering classes on Linux and Open Source Software. Although the battle for the corporate server room and desktop is just beginning, we're calling Linux the winner. Our crystal ball is pretty good at picking the technology winners.

ALC Customers

Over 60,000 people from over 20,000 companies have attended ALC training. Here's just a few of those companies.

AAA, Arthur Anderson, AIS, AIT, AJ Calvert, AM Varityper, ANR Pipeline, AO Smith, A&W Food Services, Aabex Electronics, AAI Corp, Aamco Transmission, AB Bookman Publications, AB Dick, AB May, Abacus Data Systems, Abbey Life Insurance, Abbey National Plc, Abbott Chemicals, Abbott Hospital, Abbott Johnson, ABC Television, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Abiti Price, Abraham & Strauss, AC Neilsen, Academic Computing Services, Access Asia, Accuracy Corp, Accuray, Adage, Adaptec, ADC Kentrox, Addiction Research Foundation, Adept, Adobe Systems, Adolph Coors, ADP, Adria Labs, ADT, Advance Machines, ALR, AMD, Adventist Health Systems, Advo-Sytsems, AE Staley, Aero Fab, Aero-Jet Tech Systems, Aeronautical Radio, Aeroquip, Aerospace Corp, Aerotherm, AES Data, Aetna, African Development Foundation, AG Simpson, Agency for International Development, Agfa-Gevaert, Agriculture Canada, AGT, Agway, AH Robins, Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Air Ontario, Airborne Freight, Airpax, Akzo Chemie, Alabama A&M Univ, Alabama Power, Alameda County, Alamo Rent A Car, Alaska Airlines, Alaska Dept Labor, Albany International, Albany Medical Center, Albert Einstein College, Alberta Attorney General, Alberta Energy, Alberta Power, Alberta Treasury, Alcan Aluminum, Alcatel, Alcoa, Aldus, Alexander & Alexander, Alexander Grant, Alfa Laval, Algonquin College, Allegheny International, Allegheny Power, Allen-Bradley, Allied Automotive, Allied Signal, Allied Van Lines, Allis-Chalmers, Allstate Insurance, Almay Cosmetics, Alps America, Amax, Amdahl, AARP, American States Insurance, American Tobacco, American Airlines, American Bankers Association, American Bar Association, American Cancer Society, American Cyanamid, American Express, American General Life, American Greetings, American Heart Association, American Hospital Supply, American Lung Association, American Medical Association, American President Lines, American Red Cross, American Standard, American Stock Exchange, Ameritech, AMF, Amoco, AMP, Ampex, Amphenol, AMS Group, Amtrak, Amway, Anacomp, Analog Devices, Anheiser Busch, Anixter, ANR Pipeline, Apollo Computer, Apple Computer, Applicon, Applitek, Aramco Services, ARCO, Arecibo Observatory, Argonne National Labs, Aristar, Arizona State Univ, Arkansas Power & Light, Armed Forces Radio & TV, Armour Foods, Armstrong Jones, Armstrong World Industries, Arrow Electronics, Arthur D Little, Arthur Young, Ascom Timeplex, Asia Credit Ltd, Associated Press, AST Research, AT&T, Atlantic Richfield, Atomic Energy Canada, Attachmate, Auburn Univ, Auckland City Council, Ault Foods, Australian Customs Service, Australian Film, TV & Radio, Autotrol, Autodesk, Avery International, Avis Rent A Car, Avon Products, BDO Dunwoody, B Dalton, BF Goodrich, Babcock & Wilcox, Bacardi, Ball Aerospace, Ball State Univ, Bally, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Baltimore Orioles, Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, Banctec, Bank Bali, Bank Negara Malaysia, Bank of America, Bank of Boston, Bank of Canada, Bank of Hawaii, Bank of Montreal, Bank of New England, British Airways, British Broadcasting Corp...more - many more!